Advanced Transition Horns by Marcel Batík

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The Cutting Edge Series

The Cutting Edge (CE) series of acoustic waveguides presents the latest development of constant directivity devices with pristine performance, now available for purchase in a form of a coordinate file.

Technical specification

Device mounting:Free standing
Geometry:Axisymmetric OS-SE w/ rollback
Directivity Index (nominal):9 dB
Throat diameter:1" (25.4 mm)
Throat opening angle:- on request -
Overall diameter:- on request -


Please note that the throat acoustic impedance of these devices is virtually independent of size. A bigger waveguide provides a better directivity control but doesn't present a higher acoustic load than a smaller one.

Due to the smoothly and monotonically increasing Directivity Index with frequency, these waveguides offer a great flexibility for matching with direct-radiating woofers of various sizes, depending on low frequency capabilities of compression drivers used.

Any overall diameter and throat opening angle is available on request. The throat angle should match the compression driver used, if possible.

⌀260 x 68 mm (10.24" x 2.68")
Throat angle: 0° (simulated with flat source)

⌀360 x 94 mm (14.17" x 3.70")
Throat angle: 0° (simulated with flat source)

⌀460 x 120 mm (18.11" x 4.72")
Throat angle: 0° (simulated with flat source)