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Advanced Transition Horns by Marcel Batík

Waveguide papers:

Interactive formulas in Desmos calculator: OSSE | R-OSSE

Associated diyAudio threads: Theory & Design | Practicalities

Ath Design Tool

Ath is a program for acoustic waveguide design, employing the profile formulas presented in the above Waveguide papers. By virtue of these formulas and usage of BEM analysis, state-of-the-art devices can be designed and tested. Ath allows for variation of the formula parameters arbitrarily and independently in every radial direction, offering virtually unlimited possibilities of the overall horn shapes.

Now you can create your own waveguide model and test it with BEM analysis using R&D Team's ABEC (*). Ath will generate all the necessary files automatically.

(*) Since ABEC changed to AKABAK in the meantime and there seem to be some compatibility issues, you may still want to use the old version of ABEC 3 until the issue is resolved.

Ath is a freeware project for personal non-commercial use.
Donations can be made via PayPal:

If you find Ath useful, please consider donating to the project.

The latest release (March 30, 2022): Ath 4.8.2 (various bugs fixed in Ath 4.8.3b2, see also post 9879)
Previous release including the demos: Ath 4.7.0

The documentation:

Ath 4.9 PRE-RELEASE now available for testing (2-profile geometry, example included).


If interested in the project, please contact the author via e-mail or the diyAudio thread.